13 Questions You Probably Have About LiveKC's Midnight Underground Circus

If last year's Fiery Stick Open was any indication, LiveKC is not going to put on an event that's been done already. So it's only natural to have a 'WTF' moment any time you hear what they're up to next. This time, it's the Midnight Underground Circus. Here are some answers to your questions.

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1. "Is it really a circus?"

Yes - minus all the captive animals and confused children. According to authorities (Wikipedia), a circus is a "company of performers that may include clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and other object manipulation and stunt-oriented artists."

LiveKC has accounted for almost all of these, making this event, officially, a circus. 

2. "Is it really underground?"

Mostly, yes. The Municipal Auditorium isn't underground itself, but underneath the 7,000 seat arena there lies a 32,000 square foot plate of concrete that will be redecorated as the big top tent. So instead of a mostly forgotten basement, for one night it will be a massive one-night party. Municipal has hosted big events before over its 80-year history, from pro basketball to roller derbies to traditional circuses, but those usually take place in the "normal people" auditorium above. Not this circus. This one really is underground.

3. "Why midnight? What happens at midnight?"

To clarify, the event actually goes from 9pm - 2am, with plenty to do all night, but at midnight there is a "surprise musical performance." See below.

4. "Who is the 'surprise musical performance?'"

Honestly, we have no idea. This question seems to answer itself, but it's worth asking. Only 10 people know the surprise, and LiveKC has stayed extremely tight-lipped about it. Not even a half-playful threat of waterboarding could shake the answer from LiveKC's Director Erik Wullschleger. They're pretty serious about this.

The one thing we'll speculate: it's going to be big, despite the popular question, "but if it's so big, why wouldn't they announce it to sell tickets." Here's why: LiveKC doesn't exist to sell tickets. LiveKC's #1 goal is to highlight the greatness of Kansas City and make it a more attractive place to live, work and play. Basically, their job is to create FOMO for people who don't live here. We believe them when they say this musical performance will do that.

5. "Tickets include 'bottomless beer & bubbly.' What is 'bubbly?'"

If you're asking this question, you're likely under 21 and will not be allowed past the doors. This is a 21+ event.

6. "Who is Quixotic?"

Chances are that you're already familiar with Quixotic. If so, skip ahead. If not, here's the best way I can describe them:

Any time a city takes pride in something, it's usually because it can show off a 'thing' it built and say to the world, "check this 'thing' out. We made this, and it might actually be one of the best 'things' in the world."

That’s Kansas City any time Quixotic steps onto the stage. And by “stage,” that actually means virtually anything: stages, ceilings, walls…Union Stations. Really, anything on Earth...or below it, in this case.

Quixotic is a blend of globally elite artists: musicians, dancers, acrobats, designers and creative expressionists. It is one of those Kansas City 'things' that is attracting major attention from places like Austin, Denver and even Dubai. The KC-based global performance group turns 10 years old this year, and its performance at KC’s Midnight Underground Circus will be a themed showcase of Quixotic's diverse talents: aerial acts, contortion, juggling, lighting, laser beams, smoke and fire.

7. "What time is Quixotic performing?"

Quixotic Fusion (aerialists, dancers and musicians) will be performing re-imagined Circus acts every half hour. But really, Quixotic's creativity will be infused throughout the entire event. Kansas City will be treated to another execution of its famous projection mapping light shows. In lieu of real circus animals, Quixotic will be producing them virtually to dance around the pillars of the Municipal Exhibition Hall.

8. "I dance when I drink. Is this OK?"

Of course. It's encouraged, in fact. One of KC's premier DJ's, DJ Sheppa, has mixed a custom soundtrack for the entire night, providing the foundation for Quixotic’s performances and all-night entertainment through 2am from his perch atop the mezzanine.

9. "I can't dance. Is this OK? Are there games for people like me?"

The entire mezzanine level of the Exhibition Hall will be transformed into a carnival midway. So there will be tons of games to play.  You'll find the traditional classics like Skeeball, Milk Jug Toss and Pop-a-shot as well as some re-invented games, like beer bottle ring toss. And as an act of good will, LiveKC will be providing guests with emotional and spiritual guidance via a Cards Against Humanity Tarot Reader.

10. "Will there be food?"

Lots of your favorite circus snacks will be available: popcorn, cotton candy, bavarian pretzels, frito pies, gourmet hot dogs and nachos will all be in attendance.

11. "What should I wear?"

Like they always say, dress for the night you want.

12. "Should I wear a coat?"

Yes. It's February. Wear a coat. LiveKC has got you covered with a functional coat check. Learning from some recent ‘shortcomings’ on big parties in Kansas City, this coat check will be beefed up, secure and easy to access.

13. "Are there tickets left? Where do I get them?"

It's a really big top to fill, so plenty of tickets are still out there. You can save 20% on tickets here by using the discount code FINDINGKC.