Little Freshie - Westside

Little Freshie is less than a year old but they are already delighting Kansas City with some one of a kind flavors.

Little Freshie brought back some memories of a couple of shops that we visited in NYC recently. There are only 6 chairs and the whole place can’t be bigger than 600 square feet, but every inch is packed with personality.

The entire storefront is made of windows and the décor uses urban style pastels to make the place feel bright and relaxed.

Brew Bar at Little Freshie

Little Freshie Merch

Macaron and Snacks at LIttle Freshie

I stayed in character and ordered my classic Americano. Little Freshie uses espresso from Oddly Correct and my Americano immediately put me in a good mood.  Can’t go wrong with Oddly.

Bethany ordered an intelligentsia green tea which was perfect for a cold day.

Americano Made with Oddly Espresso 

Curiosity got the best of Amyann when she saw the sign coaxing customers to “try a drinking shrub”.

Try a Shrub

Try a Shrub

None of us had tried a “shrub” before but we were pleasantly surprised.  A shrub is an old colonial drink that was originally used to preserve fruit. It was known for its sweet and tart flavor that made it a “pick me up” after a long hot day.

True to its tradition, the shrub at Little Freshie was full of flavor. It was made of seltzer water, vinegar, house made vanilla syrup and a dash of fig. We loved it.

Macarons Ahoy


The goodness doesn't stop there. Little Freshie is also loaded with a great pastry selection. Macarons, breads and snow cones are just a few that caught our eye.

LIttle Freshie Swag

Little Freshie Menu


Address: 811 W 17th St Kansas City, MO 64108 - Phone: (816) 287-1444 - Hours: Tue-Sun 8 am - 6 pm