Oddly Correct - Midtown Kansas City

Oddly is the kind of place that you go for inspiration. Its full of coffee lovers, of course, but Tyler, Greg and the rest of the crew are brewing something else too. Beneath the surface, Oddly is a place for creatives, big thinkers and everything else that's urban. 

Oddly's shop on the corner of 39th and Weport has a great urban vibe with several shared tables and lots of natural light. The music is stuck on full volume which is great for hanging out and not always so much for quiet study. 

It is the coffee, though, that really gets our attention. Oddly is only a few years old, but in its short time in KC, it has quickly carved out a place as a top local coffee roaster. Other local favorites like Quay Coffee, Mud Pie and Little Freshie also brew Oddly's roasts. 

Oddly keeps things interesting with some select pastries from Soho Bakery and a few bottled and canned drinks.


If you are not in the mood for a drink or pastry though, Oddly has branched out even further to sell prints and some leather goods like belts and wallets. In a word, Oddly is all about quality and if you haven't had a chance to swing by, it should probably be at the top of your list.  


Address: 3940 Main Street KCMO

Hours: 7am-3pm Monday-Saturday (Closed Sundays)