Kansas City Pokémon Go Map

As Buddha always said, "in order to catch them all, you must first find them all." What he didn’t explain is that “finding them all” shouldn’t entail distracted driving, careless walking or accidental cliff-diving.

Kansas City’s Pokémon Go Map Co. is here to evolve the hunt for the most rare and elusive Pokémon in the city. Check the map below to find the stops, gyms and most highly-sought after Pokémon in the KC metro, which can also be found at PokemonGoMap.co. The map is a part of a global project designed to give an edge to studious hunters who research their missions ahead of time, and anyone is welcome to contribute.

Speaking of studious hunters, here are a few great resources to boost your Pokémon cred and experience points (XP) as you hunt and train throughout Kansas City:

(and go Team Valor)