The 2014 Kansas City Royals World Series Movie Posters [Unofficial]

You really can't write a better story than the 2014 Kansas City Royals. It's not even exaggerating to say that the Royals have been arguably the worst [major] American sports franchise in the last three decades. No team has gone that long without even making the playoffs. Nope, just the Royals. Now, here we are, going to the 'ship, and the stories and people that helped get Kansas City to the World Series this year are incredible.

So, if someone could write screenplays to tell the story of our team, here are our recommendations:

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The Hunt for Blue October

The hunt is over, 29 years later. The Royals are now playing baseball in a month that has eluded Kansas City since Super Mario Bros. and Calvin and Hobbes first became a thing.

By George, we finally figured out how to get back. Now it's #ourtime to create a little postcode envy. 

Inspired by:   Children of the Corn

Children of the Farm

This Kansas City World Series team is largely homegrown from the best farm system (minors) in baseball. We didn't buy the AL Championship; we earned it.

The Royals sucked in 2011. But as GM Dayton Moore was being criticized, smart baseball analysts at Baseball Prospectus noticed a few guys in the minors that might be worth something. They ranked KC as the top system in baseball. You might recognize some of those guys now: Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, Christian Colon, Jarrod Dyson, Yordano Ventura, Greg Holland and Danny Duffy. Others who have made their way up from the farms: Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Terrance Gore and Brandon Finnegan (who might play in his second World Series this year).

Nobody is here to rub anything in the Yankees' faces (really, we love Yankees fans). But it should be noted that the Royals' payroll this year was over over a $100 million less than that of the Yankees and Dodgers. The Yankees didn't make the playoffs. That's bad, right?

Inspired by:   The Natural

Inspired by: The Natural

The Korean

An inspirational tale of a Royals fan whose loyalty is exceeded only by his curious passion for an American baseball team.

Don't call it a comeback story. Since SungWoo Lee helped inspire the Royals to capture the AL lead in August, it feels like he never quite left. Now he's here again for the Series. Welcome back, Woo.

#SungWooToWS #SungWooSeries #SungWooToKC #BringBackSungWoo

Read more about the Royals' long-distance superfan: ESPN, FOXSports, MLB, USA Today

Inspired by:   Major League

Inspired by: Major League

Major Style

Defense wins championships, but great hair wins respect. The Royals have both.

Starring: Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon, Jarrod Dyson

Inspired by:   Hardball

Inspired by: Hardball

Hardball 2: G-Baby Steals Home

First, Terrance Gore IS G-Baby from Hardball.

Royals pinch runner, Terrance Gore, is possibly the fastest guy in the majors and has literally NEVER been caught stealing in the big leagues - he's 8-for-8. 100%.

Gore didn't even think he would get a chance to play for a big-league team (sound like someone?!). G-Adult was actually about to go to the grocery store one day in 2011 when someone from Kansas City called to tell him he was now a member of the Royals system.

Starring: Terrance Gore, Jarrod Dyson (as Andre)

Inspired by:   No Country For Old Men

No Country For Slow Men

Royals catcher Salvador Perez is a reigning Gold Glove winner behind the plate. This season, he was an AL top-3 in putouts and assists (getting people out).

Salvy catches runners off-guard on the field almost as much as he catches teammate Lorenzo Cain off-guard on Instagram.

Starring: Salvador Perez

Inspired by:   UP

Inspired by: UP


This poster sounded much cooler in my head. But it's from that incredible catch in the ALCS by Mike Moustakas. Thanks for your dedication, Moose. You're better than this stupid poster.

Starring: Mike Moustakas

Men of Steal

See, because the Royals steAl a lot of bases. To be exact, they stole the most this year. No other MLB team was really even close to KC, who had 153 SBs in the regular season and then, like, twice that in the playoffs. Dodgers were 2nd with 138.

Need a fact check on that, C. Kent.

Starring: Jarrod Dyson, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar, Nori Aoki, Alex Gordon, Terrance Gore and Billy Butler

Inspired by:  Spy Game

Inspired by: Spy Game

Tie Game

Most importantly, our first base coach looks equally like Robert Redford as Robert Redford looks like Robert Redford. Sometimes even better.

Starring: Rusty Kuntz


This is a small child's attempt to create a Royals World Series poster. Honestly, I don't really get the joke here. At all.

But the important thing is that this kid has the opportunity to try something fun and in a supportive environment (I told him this poster was VERY good).

There is an incredible organization here in Kansas City called Kids TLC where children who need this kind of additional support, care and therapy can go for just that.

To help support great work like this to your left, and the positive effects these activities have on children, please DONATE HERE.