10 Fast-growing Tech Companies to Work for in Kansas City

There's no shortage of tech jobs in Kansas City. At the end of 2016, there were 4,700 of them posted in the KC area. But they're not all created equal. These small to medium-sized companies are making a name for themselves with stellar growth, creative technology and, most importantly, excellent career opportunities and work culture. We borrowed the expertise of one of these companies, Red Nova Labs, to highlight some of the best and fastest-growing tech companies that are hiring in Kansas City.

Short for Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization, C2FO offers an online marketplace where corporate buyers and suppliers can negotiate rates to find a profitable middle ground. But they’re not just negotiators; C2FO is a true technology company that uses world-class technology developed right out of their Shawnee Mission Parkway office. With teams in software development, engineering, design, and marketing, C2FO attracts some of the best tech talent around and works with major players such as Costco, Macy’s, Toys R Us, and Amazon. C2FO also offers a multitude of perks for employees, including unlimited vacation time, free catered lunches, competitive pay, and fantastic benefits.
C2FO Careers

Let’s be honest: most auto dealership websites look like they were designed by a 90’s IT department. BUT, the marketing intelligence behind many of those sites is world-class, especially those that work with AutoAlert. The Irvine, CA-based company is bringing its headquarters to Kansas City this spring due to its revitalized and growing downtown area. The move should create over 200 jobs to support, and sell, its 360° marketing automation software.
AutoAlert Careers

FitBark is one of the most popular startups to come out of the Sprint Accelerator program, creating and selling wearable fitness trackers for dogs from the heart of Kansas City Startup Village. The small-but-mighty team has made national headlines with features on Mashable, The Today Show and The New York Times, all while creating an amazing (and fun) product for pet owners. With the fast-growing trend of wearables, and FitBark’s presence at major box stores like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Staples, the company is always on the lookout for creative, techy pet lovers who want to join their team. Plus, their ultra-modern space in the Sprint Accelerator building makes for a great work environment.
FitBark Careers

VeriShip is one of the latest industry-leading technology companies to come out of Kansas City. Their cloud-based parcel intelligence platform is shaking up the logistics industry all around the world. Headquartered in Corporate Woods, VeriShip recently made the Inc. 5000 award for growing by over 400% in 2015, and they added over 40 new employees to their team last year, including positions in sales, data science, and software development. VeriShip keeps a startup vibe in their open office, where clients frequently check out demos of the technology platform and employees celebrate their booming success with quarterly parties. If you don’t believe parcel intelligence can be fun, just check out their Youtube videos.
VeriShip Careers

Short for Digital Evolution Group, DEG is a creative marketing agency with offices in Corporate Woods, Crown Center, and the Crossroads. The agency currently employs around 200 Kansas Citians, but they’re looking to grow that number to at least 300 within the next five years - making the agency one of the fastest growing companies in America. DEG has worked with such big names as Mozilla Firefox, Purina, and Helzberg Diamonds, and they were named one of Kansas City’s “Best Places to Work” in 2013. Employees rave about great culture, work-life balance, and company perks, and they’re always looking for more entrepreneurial-minded, creative people to join their team.
DEG Careers

DSI (creator of the Digital Supply Chain Platform) is a Kansas City, MO original, creating mobile, cloud-based apps and software for digital supply chain management. DSI works with cutting-edge technology to solve problems in the logistics industry worldwide. Employees also enjoy startup-style perks with a modern office space emphasizing health and wellness; they were recently named one of Kansas City’s healthiest employers. Plus, their office is only steps away from cool downtown eateries and events. They’re frequently hiring software developers, data analysts, and sales executives to their team, so check out their jobs page.
DSI Careers

Recently ranked one of the fastest growing private companies in the country, you’ll often find the k12itc team at Royals and Sporting Kansas City games. When they’re not celebrating their success, they’re working out of their Parkville office to craft innovative and affordable technology solutions for school districts across the country. Their technology enables all schools, even those in small, rural districts, to have access to the latest technology and support systems. And they’re really good at what they do; they were recently named Small Business of the Year by the KC Chamber of Commerce. If you’re passionate about education (and Kansas City sports) check out technology careers with this small-but-mighty, innovative team.
k12itc Careers

Tech and finance nerd alert. Blooom is a financial tech firm that analyzes users’ 401(k) accounts using robo advisors. Based out of Leawood, Blooom is the fastest-growing digital investment advising company ever - beating out major competitors in New York and Silicon Valley. Blooom is already 32+ employees strong after opening in 2013, and they plan to have over 50,000 clients using their robo-advisement service by the end of 2017. With catered in-office lunches three times a week, a generous 401(k) match, and unlimited vacation time, this growing tech company offers fantastic employee benefits and a blooming work-life balance. 
blooom Careers

Pinsight Media
Pinsight Media is poised to hold a strong seat in the future of tech. The Sprint-owned company helps its customers monetize mobile data in virtually any form: insights, mobile commerce and media & advertising. The company’s growth-minded strategy goes beyond its own company; Pinsight is deeply involved in the startup community, partnering with Digital Sandbox KC and opening its expertise to early stage companies (and ideas) across the country. If you’re competitive and motivated to keep up with the pace that Pinsight is setting, take a good look at these guys.
Pinsight Media Careers

Formerly known as Sporting Innovations, FanThreeSixty is building a digital culture around sports experiences. Download Sporting KC’s Uphoria app, and you’ll get an idea of what FanThreeSixty is expanding to build for teams across the country. Beyond providing content, scores, venue maps, social integrations and personalized offers, the app also helps the team's front offices better understand their fans by plugging into the aggregate data.
FanThreeSixty Careers

The team at mySidewalk has developed technology to help communities in the public sector work much more efficiently. From city planning to economic development to community insights, mySidewalk is solving old problems with new tech. Since launching in 2010, they’ve worked with over 2,000 customers across the country, including the White House. Keep an eye out for them as they keep growing for opportunities to use technology for good.
mySidewalk Careers

Red Nova Labs is a sponsor partner of Finding Kansas City.

Red Nova Labs is a sponsor partner of Finding Kansas City.

Red Nova Labs
Very few small technology companies can say they lead the industry in what they do. Red Nova Labs is one of them. Red Nova Labs is a former startup turned SaaS company that is creating and developing cloud-based software, websites, and integrated technology solutions for a very niche industry - self storage. Using innovative engineering and the great minds of Kansas City technologists, Red Nova Labs powers the storEDGE platform, which serves over 3,000 businesses around the country. With their rapid growth, Red Nova Labs is always looking for software developers and customer support professionals to add to their growing team.
Red Nova Labs Careers