Which Kansas City Yoga Studio Matches You?

Yoga is important. Choosing where to yoga is important-er. So here's a list of 20 KC favorites selected based on their fit for you and your yoga "om" modus operandi.

(You know, "om," the word you say pre + post yoga, aka the whole universe consolidated into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit at the heart of yoga. These are based on that.)

Your “om” MO: You want a place you can practice Ashtanga or Vinyasa any day of the week, and you like the freedom to take things at your own pace.
(or: The Independent Yogi)

Maya offers Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes six days a week in Mysore style, which means your yoga practice follows your own breathing rhythm – not an instructor’s cues. There are also plenty of “led classes” per week in case you do want some instruction. 

Your “om” MO: You need lots of options because you like to switch it up once in a while. Your mini-me might even tag along.
(or: The Yogi Parent)

If your days tend to get crazy, you can squeeze in a practice at 6 a.m. three days a week. You have tons of other options, too, like vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, detox yoga, chair yoga and “Moved by Music Yoga,” where the practice is set to a different genre of music each week. If your kid is a budding yogi, there is Kids Yoga and Parent & Tot Yoga. 

Your “om” MO: You’re always looking for the icing on the cake. A restorative yoga session = good. A restorative yoga session that also benefits the community? Great. 
(or: The Do-Gooder Yogi)

KC-YC gives 10 percent of its gross revenue to local charities and community service efforts. You’ll find some out-of-the-ordinary options, like yoga for golf and yoga rope walls for inversions and resistance training. Soon, they’ll have aerial yoga too.

Your “om” MO: You’re looking for your yoga family.
(Or: The All in the Family Yogi)

PowerLife is all about community. You’ll be encouraged not only to connect to your practice on a deeper level, but also to connect with your fellow practitioners. PLY newbies get a week of free classes.

Your “om” MO: You don’t want to shop around. You want a tried-and-true, affordable, convenient studio.
(Or: The No Surprises Yogi)

Westport Yoga was named the No. 1 yoga studio in 2014 and 2015 by readers of The Pitch. There are classes throughout the day and multiple pricing options, including pay-what-you-can. The location is just off Westport Road, so it's pretty convenient if you live anywhere from Brookside to the River Market.

Your “om” MO: You want a gentle practice and plenty of space to spread your mat.
(Or: The Personal Space Yogi)

Small class sizes are key to the gentle Vinyasa and Hatha classes at Sunshine Yoga. You can also take a Movement Therapy class, which incorporates a foam roller to work out tight muscles. 

Your “om” MO: You want a one-stop shop for a holistic triple-threat: yoga, acupuncture and massage.
(Or: The Triple-Threat Yogi)

Choose from gentle yoga, beginner’s yoga, vinyasa or restorative yoga. For $100 per month, you can get unlimited classes. Boulevard also has massage therapists and acupuncturists at the ready if you want to supplement your yoga practice with other holistic treatments. 

Your “om” MO: Your awesome yoga instructor makes you wish you had guidance in other areas of your life, from skincare to holistic lifestyle practices.
(Or: The All-In Yogi)

You can transform your yoga practice and your whole life, if you want. Take vinyasa, yin and restorative classes, and consult with experts on ayurvedic healing – a 3,000-year-old, whole-body approach to medicine that focuses on a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Your “om” MO: You’re brand-new to yoga, or you want to make sure your form is just right before taking more advanced classes.
(Or: The Form-Forward Yogi)

Yoga Gallery is super beginner-friendly, with classes like Form 1 or Absolute Beginner Yoga that focus on proper form, alignment and the use of yoga props. Once you’re ready, you can move onto Form 2 or 3, or choose from Yoga Gallery’s numerous other options.

Your “om” MO: You’ll try anything once, and you like to let loose once in a while.
(Or: The Try Anything Once Yogi)

Lotus has all kinds of fun things to try beyond yoga, including infrared sauna treatments and reiki, which is a Japanese technique for stress relief. Plus, they host workshops and events like their Yoga Groove Celebration, which mixes yoga and dance under black lights. 

Your “om” MO: Core strength is a priority, and your schedule allows for a longer practice.
(Or: Yogi to the core??)

The Wheel has lots of options, including a class devoted to building core strength, Yoga on Balls to increase stability and balance, and kids yoga. Classes could be up to 75 minutes long, so settle in!

Your “om” MO: You are differently abled or want a studio you can stick with through various physical changes.
(Or: Thick and Thin Yogi)

Darling Yoga has classes designed specifically for practitioners who have MS, arthritis, Fibromyalgia or Parkinson’s Disease. They also have pre/postnatal yoga and Mommy and Baby yoga, along with advanced vinyasa, Yoga Basics and more.

Your “om” MO: You’re not ashamed to admit that sometimes your yoga practice involves an Instagram post or two, and you’re all about a uniquely Kansas City experience.
(Or: The I Love KC Yogi)

Huge crowds turn out for Yoga in the Park on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art each week. Practicing your yoga breath in the fresh air adds a whole new element, and the best part: It’s free.

Your “om” MO: Your yoga practice is all about inner beauty, but you’re not one to underestimate the power of a great haircut, either.
(Or: The Holistic Beauty Yogi)

Hagoyah is part hair studio, part yoga studio. Paul Mitchell stylists will give you a trim or pamper your tresses with treatments like the wild ginger keratiplex, which repairs strands and reduces breakage. Hagoyah has vinyasa, hot yoga and gentle yoga, to name a few. They also offer a shortened class you can knock out over your lunch break, and you can drop in for just $5.

Your “om” MO: Your schedule is unpredictable, so you need plenty of options throughout the day.
(Or: The All-Hours Yogi)

Radiant Yoga has several options for classes during the morning, afternoon and evening. You can find traditional options like vinyasa and gentle yoga, or try something new like Core on the Board, which is yoga on a stand-up paddleboard, or Yoga Fusion, which incorporates light weights for added strength building.

Your “om” MO: You want a simple, solid, consistent yoga practice at a great studio.
(Or: The No-Nonsense Yogi)

Yoga Six promises a varied routine that continually challenges your body so you don’t plateau or burn out. They offer deep stretch yoga and hot yoga, plus vinyasa and a cross-training boot camp. If you haven’t gotten the hang of traditional yoga jargon, Yoga Six is for you. They translate cues into everyday language so you can keep your mind focused on what really matters.

Your “om” MO: You want to try classes led by different instructors from around Kansas City, and you’re a Lululemon devotee.
(Or: The On-Brand Yogi)

Sundays at 11 a.m., Lululemon plays host to community yoga classes led by instructors from various KC-area yoga studios. If you already have a closet full of Lululemon, it’s a nice excuse to see what’s new on the racks. If not, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Bring your wallet, if you dare.

Your “om” MO: You see your yoga practice as much-needed “me time.”
(or: The Treat Yourself Yogi)

Owner Mary Horvatin says her goal is to create an environment where you can “do something truly healthy – just for you.” All Yoga Fix classes are good for beginners or more experienced yogis, some in heated rooms. Treat yourself.