169 Things to Do in Kansas City That are Better Than Netflix

A list of recommendations for visitors, locals or people who are lost. 


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Restaurants and Dives

Restaurants and Dives

Happy Hours, Speak Easy Etc.

Happy Hours, Speak Easy Etc.

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Art, Dance and Culture

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For When You Need Fresh Air

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Places You've Never Seen

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Easy Listening and Concerts

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For Your Inner Nerd

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Antiques, Local Fashion

KC Sporting Events

KC Sporting Events

Farmhouse Restaurant |  Farm to Table 3 Meals a Day

Photo Credit: KCmeesha.com

Photo Credit: KCmeesha.com

Farmhouse is a staple. They are located in the deeply loved Rivermarket neighborhood and their philosophy is setting the standard for the farm to table movement in Kansas City. Their dishes have yet to disappoint. Farmhouse is a self-proclaimed 'homestyle' restaurant and the menu changes seasonally. Our current favorites include their Hanger and Fries and the Veggie Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

Details: http://www.eatatthefarmhouse.com/

The Corner Restaurant  |   All American Comfort Food

Corner Restaurant Kansas City 

The Corner Restaurant is an American breakfast and brunch spot located in Westport. Recently renovated and reopened, the new owners have brought fresh life to this popular spot. The menu favors a strong Americana influence with home-style cooking and rich flavor. Menu items include root beer float French toast, short ribs and grits, chicken and waffles and hand-cut bacon, along with lots of egg Benedict's, scrambles and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Much of the produce and meat is sourced from local farms. The restaurant also offers a diverse list of specialty cocktails, wines, and microbrews from around the country.

Details: http://www.thecornerkc.com/

Pigwich  |  Heaven in a Food Truck

Pigwich East Bottoms

Pigwich makes our favorite burgers in town. Hands down. They operate out of a little food truck parked behind The Local Pig – a local butchery. All meats are sourced locally to make incredible sandwiches like their cheesesteak, falafel, and Bahn Mi. Make sure to order the outrageously yummy homemade chips that you will never forget you tried. If you haven't made the trip down to the East Bottoms for this food truck wonder, it should be at the top of your “to do in Kansas City” list.

Details: http://findingkansascity.com/home/the-local-pig-east-bottoms


Local Farm to Table Restaurants  |  Full List

Kansas City placed itself on the map for our emerging farm-to-table restaurant concepts. These well-loved restaurants source their menus seasonally from local farms and gardens. Check out a full list of Farm to Table Restaurants in Kansas City.

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/list-of-farm-to-table-restaurants

Kansas City Breakfast and Brunch Spots  |   Full List 

Kansas City loves its breakfast and brunch. From French to Italian, Americana to vegan, this city has plenty of quality options for your morning meal. Check out a full list of Kansas City Breakfast Spots.

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/kansas-city-breakfast-spots

Kansas City Lunch Spots  |  Full List

A list of our favorite lunch spots for the schmoozers, the boozers, the romantics and those of us who need a few minutes to clear our heads around lunchtime. Check out a full list of Kansas City Lunch Spots.

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/22-kansas-city-lunch-spots

Kansas City Steaks  |  Full List

We all know how Kansas City feels about steak. Summer or winter, steak is a winner. Check out of full list of places to treat yourself to good ‘ol Kansas City Steaks. 

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/17-kansas-city-steaks

Manifesto  |  Speak Easy Bar

Photo by River Front Times

Photo by River Front Times

Manifesto is an underground favorite. Its a speakeasy bar hidden in the basement of The Rieger Hotel in the Crossroads Arts District. The drinks at Manifesto are the best in the city, and its menu of signature cocktails personifies pieces of Kansas City hisotry. We would strongly recommend you text for a reservation at least a day in advance: 816.536.1325.

Details: http://www.theriegerkc.com/manifesto/

Ca Va  |  Champagne Bar

Ca Va is bringing out the grown ups to the Westport scene with a drink menu dedicated to exploring the bounds of the bubbly. The new Champagne bar is tucked away in a 740 square foot loft style room with some casual seating and exposed brick. Howard, Justin and Jim have created something pretty unique and if you haven’t tried it, you should add it to the list.

Site: CaVAKC.com

Harry’s Country Club  |  Cocktails and Patio Spot

Photo From Flickr

Photo From Flickr

Harry's is worth mentioning for so many reasons: their great patio, their commitment to great drinks, their famous medicine cabinet and great bar service make it tough to beat as a first stop after work. Harry's actually got some national attention recently when they were ranked as one of the top 20 bars in America by Esquire.

Details: http://www.harryscountryclub.com/

The Peanut  |   Dive Bar and Downtown Hideout

Photo by Jodi Vander Woude

Photo by Jodi Vander Woude

The Peanut was Kansas City’s first bar and grill, and their location off of 9th and Broadway is our favorite place to hide on busy downtown nights. The Peanut is maybe the most unassuming place you could be on a Saturday night but that is kind of the point. It’s the place to have a cheap beer, eat the best wings you’ve ever tasted and spill something on your shirt without even noticing. We love this place.

Details: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-peanut-kansas-city

PierPonts  |  Steak, Seafood and Happy Hour

Trip Advisor.jpg

PierPonts is one of the city's best steakhouses and serves fresh seafood that arrives daily. It is located in the historic Union Station building, and is a very a romantic place for dinner. It’s worth mentioning that their lounge has a killer all day happy hour with cocktails starting at $5 and appetizers at $4.00-$5.00.

Details: http://www.pierponts.com

Oddly Correct  |  For The Serious Coffee Drinker

oddly correct drinks

Oddly Correct brings art and science together to create what we consider the most authentic coffee experience in town. Don’t visit Oddly for cream and sugar coffee; if you’re serious about your coffee, you’ll be amazed by the quality and flavor in each cup.

Details: http://oddlycorrect.com/ 

Quay Coffee  |   Everyone’s Favorite Hangout

Quay Coffee, located in the heart of River Market, serves Oddly Correct espresso. With its exposed brick and 20ft ceilings, it’s very urban but surprisingly cozy. Lots of natural light and seating make it a perfect place to meet up with someone or to settle in for a spiced latte and some reading.

Details: www.quaycoffee.com

Second Best Coffee  |  Bikes, Coffee, Waldo

Photo By Sprudge

Photo By Sprudge

Second Best Coffee turned a mid-town strip mall into a hipster oasis overnight. The interior of the shop is all cool -  complete with lots of salvaged wood, indoor bike racks and of course a full espresso set up in the middle of the room. The design came in collaboration with the Utilitarian Workshop. Second Best also collaborates with the Local Pig to create their breakfast burritos. All around, these guys are killing it and should definitely hit the top of your list.

Details: http://www.secondbestcoffee.com/

KC Happy Hours  |  Full List

Happy hours help shake off the day’s worries, meet old friends and make new ones. This is a list of our 13 favorites in Kansas City. Really, there's something here for everyone: from Blue Stem's gourmet to Harry's authentic. Check it out. 

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/best-kansas-city-happy-hours

KC Date Spots  |  Full List

If we get one question more than anything else, it’s about dates. First dates, married dates, celebration dates; they all need a place to start. This is our round-up of 13 great date spots here in Kansas City. Check it out.

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/date-ideas-and-spots-in-kansas-city

Kansas City Coffee Shops  |   Full List

We could hardly round out our ‘drink’ guide without a full list of our favorite stops in Kansas City’s thriving coffee scene. These aren’t just places to get fueled up; every one of them is a great place to pull up a chair and stay a while.

The List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/7-exceptional-coffee-shops-in-downtown-kc

Nelson Atkins Museum

The Nelson has been recognized as one of the best museums in the country and houses over 33,000 works of art that represent every major medium and every corner of the globe. Admission to the museum is free, and if you are looking to explore the bounds of visual art, this is your spot.

Details: http://www.nelson-atkins.org/

Hammerspace  |  Shared Workshop

Hammerspace is a 7,000 square foot facility that is home to Kansas City's community of makers, crafters and inventors. It's where you go to exercise your creativity. Club members enjoy access to a large variety of tools and workshop rooms. Classes are also provided on diverse disciplines including blacksmithing, woodworking, CNC fabrication, welding, molding & casting, 3D printing, electronics and soldering.

Details: http://www.hammerspacehobby.com/

Kauffman Center for Performing Arts

The Kauffman Center for Performing Arts is one of Kansas City’s proudest architectural and cultural venues. The venue has not only dressed up our skyline, but it has become home to some incredible music, dance and educational performances. From epic concerts like John Legend to can’t miss local events like TedxKC, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the happenings at the Kauffman.

Details: http://www.kauffmancenter.org/

First Fridays | Open Air Art and Wine

Photo by KC Crossroads

Perhaps the biggest cultural gathering in Kansas City happens on every first Friday of the month where more than 10,000 art lovers converge on the Crossroads district to explore more than 20 open art galleries with every possible exploration of art. First Friday’s brings out the food trucks, street performers and a healthy dose of red wine that has yet to leave us disappointed.

 Details: http://kccrossroads.org/

The Lawn at the Liberty Memorial

The Memorial is a powerful statement to and for our nation's WWI patriots. At the foot of the memorial though, you’ll find a pretty awesome outdoor gathering space with everything from joggers with their pups to some pretty serious ultimate Frisbee leagues. The lawn on every side of the memorial is well maintained and the location’s view of downtown is breathtaking.

Details: 27th and Main

Running Trail By The River

Photo Credit Pat Robins

Photo Credit Pat Robins

It took almost six month of living next door for us to realize there was a first-rate running and biking trail along the river front downtown. The trail is well-paved and wide enough for easy two-way traffic. The trick is finding it. The best access point we’ve found is a little tough to find. If you run through the River Market directly toward the river on Main Street, you will hit the Town of Kansas Bridge which has a flight of stairs to the trail. Once you are down the stairs, you are home free for miles.

Lawn in Front of the Courthouse 

This one is especially for our friends who live in the heart of downtown and know that a good patch of grass is tough to come by. The lawn in front of the courthouse is about the size of a football field and has been home to more than a few pick-up football and soccer games.

 Details: 9th and Oak

Loose Park

Photo Credit - KC Parks

Photo Credit - KC Parks

On a Saturday morning, Loose Park is home to just about every type of outdoor-loving local: dogs, runners, kids, first dates and engagement shoots. Loose Park has lots of lawns and benches to relax on and the running trail around its perimeter is just over a mile (for runners who are keeping track). 

 Details: http://kcparks.org/park/loose-park/

Penn Valley Dog Park

Photo Credit - Midwest Dog Blog

Photo Credit - Midwest Dog Blog

Penn Valley is a winner with the dog owners downtown. Since most mid-town and downtown dog owners don’t have yards, this spot is the best place to let your dog blow off steam. Penn Valley has two fenced sections: one for dogs under 40 pounds and a separate area for those who are a little bigger (or a lot). The size of both fenced areas give the dogs lots of room to run and get social.  

 Details: http://www.yelp.com/biz/penn-valley-off-leash-dog-park-kansas-city

Shawnee Mission Park  |  For Dogs and Humans 

Shawnee Mission Park.jpg

The Shawnee Mission Park is a trek from downtown, but the 1,600 acre park is huge and has something for just about everyone. The lake has one of the best local swimming beaches (yes, beaches). The other side of the lake is famous for its off-leash dog park where dogs can play in the water. The park also boasts an outdoor theatre where symphony and live acting performances happen throughout the summer. Shawnee Mission Park is worth a summer Saturday. Your dog and/or kid(s) will thank you for it. 

Details: http://jcprd.com/parks_facilities/shawnee_mission.cfm

Cliff Drive

 Cliff Drive was one of KC’s first wealthy neighborhoods and gives a kind of chilling dichotomy between the past and the present. The old community overlooks the industrial east bottoms where you’ll see active businesses alongside abandoned factories and warehouses. The community is worth driving through just to see the castle like old buildings and the quiet sense of time past. If you feel like venturing out of your vehicle, you can walk or bike down Cliff Drive itself for some even more epic views. We won’t spoil the fun, but if you are up for exploring, Cliff Drive is worth your time.

 Start Here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cliff-drive-kansas-city

The Kansas City Workhouse

This place freaks us out a little bit, but for some reason we go back every once in a while. The castle at 20th and Vine has been abandoned for years, but when it was built in 1897 it was designed as a prison where petty criminals could work off their crimes. The back of the building has several openings where bold explorers can get inside. We aren’t saying you should...but you could.

 Map: Kansas City Workhouse

West Bottoms

The West Bottoms is a playground for explorers and photographers. The buildings in the area were mostly abandoned in the 1950's after a devastating flood caused most of the businesses to close their doors. If you look closely at the community, though, you can definitely see a comeback in the works.

Start Here: 750 Wyoming St Kansas City, MO 64101

Kaw Point

Photo by Corey Cassaw

Photo by Corey Cassaw

It's easy to forget that Kansas City is a city on the water, but it's absolutely worth going out of your way to Kaw Point as a reminder. We recommend visiting at night when you can see the city reflected in the the water.

 Start Here: 1 River City Drive Kansas City, KS 66101

East Bottoms

The East Bottoms are full of train tracks, dive bars and even trailer parks. The area showcases the muscle of Kansas City’s rail-driven history and has a personality unique to the rest of the town. Our recommendation: start with a burger at Pigwich and see if you can get yourself lost. If you're into urban photography, you might actually never go home.

 Start Here: 2618 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

The Majestic  |  Jazz Club Downtown

One of Kansas City's best Jazz Clubs, The Majestic, offers exceptional music and drinks in a historic downtown building. The lower level jazz club, which was the site of an actual speakeasy during prohibition, features some of Kansas City’s best jazz musicians seven nights a week. 

 Details: http://www.majestickc.com/

Blue Room  |  Historic Jazz Museum

Located in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, the Blue Room was named after the famed 1930's Street Hotel club. The mission of the jazz club is to honor the past names in jazz while showcasing the present. Live music is performed Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

 Details:  http://club.americanjazzmuseum.org/

Kill Devil Club  |  Jazz Club in the Power & Light District

The Kill Devil Club is all about atmosphere. This jazz club is set right in the center of the Power and Light District on the second floor above BRGR. The club features a live band Wednesday through Saturday nights and is known for its award-winning, hand-crafted cocktails.

 Details: http://www.killdevilclub.com/

The Midland Theater  |  Historic Theater

The original Midland Theatre opened in 1927 and has hosted well-known artists throughout its history. The venue is loved in Kansas City for its historic beauty and timeless tradition. The venue still hosts more than 125 concerts, family shows, awards shows, corporate and charitable events each year. A list of concerts and performances can be found on the website.

 Details: http://www.midlandkc.com/

The Riot Room  |  Indie Concert Venue

The Riot Room is an intimate one-room concert venue that features a variety of bands and performers. This dive bar and indie music venue is the best spot in town if you want a craft beer as you enjoy a show. The venue features a circular bar in the middle and a back patio that often hosts a DJ and a party all its own.

 Details: http://www.theriotroom.com/

The recordBar  |  Concert Venue

The recordBar is another great venue to see local bands or a variety of nationally touring artists. It offers a full menu with a variety of brunch, lunch and dinner options. 

 Details: http://www.therecordbar.com/

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of art is recognized internationally as one of the finest general art museums in the United States and it is one of our favorite icons of Kansas City. The museum hosts collections of more than 33,500 works of art, and general admission is free. The Nelson lawn stretches across a 22-acre sculpture garden, which is worth a trip all its own. The museum is one of the most beautiful and culture-driven landmarks in Kansas City.

 Details: http://www.nelson-atkins.org/

The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial is America’s only museum dedicated to sharing the stories of World War I through the eyes of the men and women who served in it. Interactive displays, films and eyewitness testimonies guide visitors through one of the largest collections of WWI artifacts in the world. A visit to the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower is included with admission to the museum. The 217-foot-high, open-air observation deck offers an unforgettable view of Kansas City.

Details: http://theworldwar.org/

TEDxKC | Ideas Worth Spreading

Photo Credit: @randomjack11

Photo Credit: @randomjack11

TEDxKC is a local and independently organized TED chapter that hosts several satellite events throughout the year. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxKC is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At TEDxKC evens, TEDTalks videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in small groups.  Events have been held at the Kauffman Foundation, the Google Fiber lounge, The Nelson-Atkins Museum and topics have ranged from sustainable agriculture to enriching women’s rights and technological developments. 

Details: http://www.tedxkc.org/

Union Station | Museums, Exhibits and KC History 

Photo  Credit: @asanta30

Photo  Credit: @asanta30

Union Station is a flagship of Kansas City architecture and history. Built in 1914, Union Station stretches across 850,000 square feet of amazing space that originally featured 900 rooms. The station is now home to noteworthy exhibits, movies, and restaurants. The station is also home to Science City, an interactive science center and remarkable resource for kids to learn a multitude of disciplines including science, social studies, history, math, literature, and art.

 Details: http://www.unionstation.org/

West Bottoms Antique

Photo Credit - Common Ground

Photo Credit - Common Ground

The West Bottoms is located just west of Downtown Kansas City is one of the fastest growing areas for cultural revitalization. The industrial area was historically the site of Kansas City’s downtown Union Station and thriving stockyard industry, but the low-lying area is prone to flooding and was deeply damaged by The Great Flood of 1951. Kemper Arena was built in 1974, which revitalized the historic district. In recent years, the area has earned the attention of innovative restaurateurs and antique shop owners, making it a wonderful place to eat and shop. Fitting with its history, the West Bottoms hosts several unique vintage storefronts including Bella Patina, Good JuJu, Circa KC, Rag and Bone, Stuffology and The Red Shed. For an after-shopping dinner try Voltaire or Geneese Royale.

Details: westbottoms.com

Westside Neighborhood Shops | Local Goods 

The Westside neighborhood is one of our favorite places to spend a sunny afternoon. Walk down Summit Street and stop into Westside Storey to see their unique and thoughtful antique collection. They also sell products from local brands, so check out the leather goods from Sandlot Goods and the new Kansas City t-shirts from local designers Ocean and Sea. Le Fevere Bakery is a perfect place to get a snack or fill all your bread cravings. Little Freshie is a hand-crafted soda fountain and espresso bar. The shop sells local jams, chocolates and, of course, coffee beans. End the evening with dinner or drinks at Westside Local or Blue Bird Bistro for delicious, local, farm-to-market food. Or, if you are adventurous try FUD - an all vegan café loaded with color and personality.

Details: http://www.thewestsidestorey.com/

Country Club Plaza | Outdoor Shopping

The Country Club Plaza is Kansas City’s landmark shopping Plaza. Established in 1922 by J. C. Nichols and designed architecturally after Seville, Spain, the Plaza was the first outdoor shopping mall in the world. The Plaza offers 15 blocks of upscale shopping and dining options. Our favorite boutiques on the Plaza are Standard Style Boutique and  Baldwin Men’s Shop, both locally owned. Standard Style is a first rate women's boutique with designs from Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, Baldwin Denim and many others. Baldwin Men's Shop features the local Baldwin clothing line most known for its knock out dry denim and iconic KC hats.

 Details: https://countryclubplaza.com/

Local Clothing, Furniture and Art - Full List

From chocolate to leather and lingerie, Kansas City is breaking out with all kinds of great local shopping. These businesses are built on the idea that local shops are what make communities. For a rundown of local clothing & accessory boutiques, furniture stores and shops featuring handcrafted arts, take a look:

Full List: http://findingkansascity.com/sponsored/kansas-city-small-business-saturday

7 Kansas City Farmers Markets  |  Full List

7 Kansas City Farmers Markets

Kansas City is home to some of the most-visited farmers markets in the country. The downtown City Market hosts more than 140 vendors each week and boasts everything from farm-grown eggs & meat to organic vegetables and fresh-cut flowers. Markets in Brookside, Waldo and Westport keep communities connected to their food and are making us a healthier city. Check out a full list of local markets: 

Full List: http://findingkansascity.com/lists/7-kansas-city-farmers-markets

Sporting KC Soccer


Kansas City hosts one of the greatest sports brands and fan experiences in the world with Sporting KC. Since the team rebranded from the Wizards and moved into its new home at Sporting Park in 2010, SKC when from nationally irrelevant to arguably the league's most proud and loud team. The stadium experience and value is the top in the league. Join a group of wild supporters in the cauldron section to experience what locals call “the blue hell”.

 Details: http://www.sportingkc.com/

Royals Baseball

The Kansas City Royals became "America's Team" during last year's run through the playoffs and to Game 7 of the World Series. First class baseball should be back in 2015 at one of America's most classic stadiums, The K. Make sure to come early to tailgate. We're really good at that.

Details: http://kansascity.royals.mlb.com/

T-Bones Baseball

Photo Credit - Baseball Roadtrip

The T-Bones are Kansas City’s independent professional baseball team, and they remind why we love small town baseball - cheap seats, no-name pitchers, mustard, and relish and all the rest. Parking at the Community America stadium is free and the games are less expensive then the Royals game if you want to take the family on a budget.

Details: http://www.tbonesbaseball.com/

Kansas City Blues Rugby

Photo Credit - Sporting KC

For all the rugby fans out there, the Kansas City Blues were a founding member of the United States Rugby Super League. Since 1993, the Blues have participated in three Division 1 National Championships. These matches aren’t for the faint of heart, but they’re a great show for the spirited.

Details: http://www.kcblues.org/

Chiefs Football

Nothing says Kansas City like tailgating with KC BBQ before a Chiefs game. Arrowhead Stadium is officially the loudest stadium in the NFL, and it has been ranked the best stadium for tailgating in all of sports. Check out Arrowhead’s stadium tours, too. They will give you a behind-the-scenes look into the Hall of Honor, press box, broadcast booth, locker room and the field itself while sharing the history of the team.

Details: http://www.kcchiefs.com/