5 Creative Re-Imaginations of Kansas City

It seems like every week we find another local project or idea that bursts on the scene without an apology. This past week week Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy captured their local pride through 5 creative re-imaginations of Kansas City.

Ocean & Sea was established in 2013 as a creative vessel for Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy. With the help of their Irish Setter, Flynn, they wish to collaborate on projects and ideas. The O’Shaughnessy’s are landlocked dreamers from Kansas City—Port of the Plains. Join them as they sail the deep blue sea.


'"Creativity runs rampant in Kansas City, we’re the Port of the Plains and we answer to nobody."


"Kansas City sails proud in the heart of the United States of America."


"Kansas City defies geographic enclosure and stows the brightest minds in our country, we’re dreamers unlocking the vast riches of the plains."


"Kansas City celebrates with each other in our collective successes, we are united by the love of our city."


"Kansas City bridges the ports both geographically and figuratively, we’re the heart of the USA."