6 Reasons Kansas City Loves Baldwin Denim

The best way I can think to describe Baldwin Denim - a combination of the simplicity of my grandpa’s workshop layered with a good bit of Brooklyn swagger. A Kansas City-based brand, Baldwin Denim has received all kinds of love and national publicity from publications like GQ, and from celebrities like JZ and Ellen. But one look at instagram and that's not why we’re all such huge fans. We can’t get enough of this local designer because there is something really unique, and somehow very Kansas City, about each pair of jeans that Baldwin Denim creates. 

Here are 6 reasons that justify Kansas City's obsession with Baldwin Denim. 



Denim Was Meant to Be Worn (and Not Like a Pair of Cotton Slacks)

Denim should be like a good pair of boots. It's less about what it looks like coming out of the box and more about how it wears over time. Baldwin has mastered the art of function + fashion and that's the number one reason that they are worth every dime. 


#2. FIT

Raw Denim Fits and Just Gets Better With Time

Raw denim is built to fit. It starts out a little stiff but after a week or two of wear, it molds to us completely. In our opinion, raw denim proves to be a better fit then any pair of custom tailored pants. 


#3.  PRIDE

Baldwin Is Kansas City

Rocking a pair of Baldwin's here at home is a natural fit but taking them with us to NY, LA, London or wherever we might land is a proud way to represent KC. 



Really Nice Extras Like This 

When we wear jeans like they are meant to be worn, we are bound to tear a pair at some point. Almost any of the guys at Baldwin will sit down at the sewing machine and get you back on the road without a question. 



Raw Denim Lasts

You've probably got the point by now, but raw denim lasts. That means a pair of jeans is not just that anymore - it becomes a relic of your good memories, coffee stains, wallet wear and the smell of a chapter of your life. 


#6. '76

Just When We Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better 

Baldwin just released their new straight leg '76 cut. It's raw denim and the guys at the shop claim that it is their favorite fit on the floor. And here's the kicker…its $139. What's not to love? Check it out.